“Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it.”

-Brene Brown



By being here, you are taking a step towards your personal growth and well being. Engaging in counselling can facilitate a healing that can allow you to lead a more fulfilling, rewarding life.
The process is very individual to us all despite the common threads in all our stories.  The only criteria if you are thinking about therapy is to have an openness and a willingness to engage. This might be a little scary if you are new or indeed if you have had a bad experience of counselling in the past.

You may be experiencing anxiety or depression, loss of self esteem, feelings of worthlessness due to a relationship breakdown or unemployment.  Harmful habits may be taking over your life where previously you felt in control and on top of things. Or you may simply be in a place of not knowing what is wrong but you know something needs addressing.

Helping you understand and resolve challenges in your life will be my main focus. I believe we all have the resources within ourselves to find the best solutions to our problems but these can benefit from the guidance of a therapist.
I hope to offer you a safe space where you will feel at ease and feel free to bring issues and feelings of any kind.



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